About Us:

  RCEA is the largest division within the National Rehabilitation Association (NRA). We bring together counselor educators and practicing counselors, providing research resources to those who wish to stay current on issues relevant to contemporary practice.  RCEA provides a place for counselors and educators to come together, collaborate, and network. We welcome rehabilitation counselors from all practice settings and seek to provide our members with training, continuing education opportunities, and more.

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The Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators (RCEA) Journal is soliciting articles for publication

 The Journal features three sections: I) traditional peer-reviewed articles, 2) news articles, letters to the editor, descriptions of best practices, guest editorials, hot topic articles, useful information for counselors, etc., and 3) book, media, and software reviews.

 Interested in submitting a conceptual or empirical manuscript for peer-reviewed academic publication? Submissions should be 15 -25 pages in length, double-spaced, and in APA 6th Edition format. Please email one copy to:  dskoch@siu.edu

Brief descriptive articles, commentary, letters to the editor, book and media reviews, and practical information up to five double-spaced pages can be submitted by fax, mail, or email to:

Ray Feroz. Ph.D., CRC, NCC, LPC Co-Editor, RCEA Journal

108 Special Education Center Clarion University

Clarion. PA 16214

Phone: 814 393 2052

Fax: 814 393 1951

Email: rferoz@clarion.edu