Guidelines for Publication  

The Journal of Rehabilitation is published quarterly  as a publication of the National Rehabilitation Association. Its content reflects the broad perspectives  of the Association's membership.  


    Articles are written by professionals in the field of  rehabilitation, and are peer-reviewed. They should  present, describe, and discuss rehabilitation concepts and related research that impact the  disability and rehabilitation communities.  

    Manuscripts are acknowledged upon receipt and,  following preliminary review by the editor, are sent  to members of the Editorial Review Boards for  anonymous review. Each manuscript should  contain a separate cover sheet with) the manuscript  title, the authors' names, their degrees, affiliations  and complete mailing addresses, phone numbers  and email address for contact person. An abstract  of approximately 100 words should appear on page  two providing a brief summary of content. The  first page of the text should contain only the title,  with the author's name(s) omitted.  

    Upon review, manuscripts are either accepted,  rejected, or returned for revision. he review  process takes approximately three to five months to  complete. Accepted articles are published in order  of receipt.  

Manuscript Submission  Requirements 

Manuscripts should be original work not currently  being considered by any other publishing source. 
Manuscripts must be submitted via email in  Micro­soft Word Document. 

Submissions should be sent as an attachment to  the attention of Dr. Wendy Parent-Johnson,  University of Arizona and should be emailed to:  

In Review  

Reviews of pertinent books, audiovisual materials  and computer software are published in each issue.  Reviews should be 1-4 pages in length and should  include authors' names, publisher, year of publica tion, length (in pages), minutes or software requirements, and list price. Publishers interested in hav ing materials reviewed, and persons interested in  reviewing materials, should contact the Editor. 

Stylistic Requirements  

All submissions should follow the style requirements of the Publication Manual of the American  Psychological Association-7th Edition. Authors  should maintain the integrity of people with  disabil­ities by avoiding language that equates  people with their conditions, e.g. "the mentally ill''.  They should instead employ terminology which  emphasizes the individual, e.g. "people with  mental illness:'  

Submissions which do not adhere to these  guide­lines will be returned .  

For further information regarding the Journal pub lishing process, contact:  

Wendy Parent-Johnson, Ph.D., CRC, CESP Professor and Executive Director 

Sonoran UCEDD | Department of Family & Community Medicine 

University of Arizona | College of Medicine 1521 E. H elen St. | P O Box 210155 H | Tucson, A Z 85721 

520.626.0080 | Fax: 520.626.0081

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