National Rehabilitation Association SW Region ORA Annual Training Conference Program Evaluation

Employment & Immigration Concepts Issues&Ethics/Four Stages of Job

Four Stages of Job Interviewing & Marketing Yourself to Employers

Making Students with a Disability a Wage Earner in Today's Workforce

Service Dogs: Changing the Lives of Persons with Disabilities

Building Resilience in Persons with Disabilities

A Qualitative Study of Students Graduating from IPSE Programs

Financial Literacy

National Delphi Survey of New Immigration Trends’ Impacts on State VR Agencies

The Therapeutic Triad of Disability: Forgiveness, Self-Compassion & Resilience

Body Language Community in Rehabilitation: A Worthwhile Skill?

Key Training Components Needed to Assess an On-Line Suite of Assessments Related to Career, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Assessments in American Sign Language

Training Professionals for Effective Delivery of Transition & Employment Services

American Indian VR Program & State VR Agency Collaborating with Veterans Administration – VR & Employment to Co-Serve Veterans of Color with Disabilities

The Therapeutic Triad of Disability: Forgiveness, Self Compassion and Resilience

NRA Membership – Connection/Involvement in a Powerful Professional networking Community

Assistive Technology Impacts on Employment: Exploring African Americans with Disabilities

The Dragon in the Room: Myths About SSA Benefits and Work

Transition-Aged Individuals with Disabilities, Supported Employment & the Outcomes

Creating the Extraordinary in Ethics

Building Resilience in Persons with Disabilities

Counseling Considerations for Clients with Hearing Loss

Work-Based Learning for Youth with Disabilities from the Perspective of Employers

A Qualitative Study of Students Graduating from an IPSE Program

Challenges Facing the Aging Worker with a Disability

Job Seekers & Social Media: Employment Specialists & Ethical Practice

Dimensions of Culture & Diversity in Rehabilitation Counseling: Ethical Perceptions

The Dragon in the Room: Myths About SSA Benefits & Work

The Fairytale of Ethics

Bridging the WIOA Gap for Transition Aged Youth (Ethics)

Using the Product Life Cycle Concept for New Program Development

Suicide Prevention: The Ethical Role of Mental Health Counselors

Leadership: The Key to Preserving the Rehabilitation Process through the 21st Century

Are African Americans with Cognitive Disabilities Striving to Work

A Comparative Study of Counseling Theories & Techniques Used by Vocational Counseling Professionals

Health Literacy Applications for Rehabilitation

Clinical Practice Guidelines & Outcomes in Prosthetic & Orthotic Rehabilitation

Developing Your Personal Brand

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