Ray Feroz

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I previously served in various roles on the PRA board, including president. I was also honored to be the NRAboard president in 2008. I have 30 years of experience as a professor in rehabilitation and human services at Clarion University, and also was department chair before retiring in August 2020.

I know the value of PRA and how it can be a positive force for both our profession and for rehabilitation professionals in PA. The profession of rehabilitation counseling is in the throes of change. I believe that as a board member I can be helpful to a new generation of PRA leaders.

Janetta W. Green

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What will I bring to PRA?

What I will bring is a passion to promote and support Independent Living in the community.  As CEO of Central PA’s Center for Independent Living, I have over 30 years of working in the field of Independent Living.  

Our vision of a “ society where persons with disabilities are empowered to fully exercise their rights and participate in all walks of life that will enable them to live well ” supports the PRA’s commitment to promote full inclusion of people with disabilities into the mainstream of our society. We can do more together than separately to accomplish both our visions!

I also believe that I can also be a liaison or a conduit to the other Centers for Independent Living across the state. Times are changing and we all need to be working together and supporting each other for the benefit of people with disabilities.

What do I hope to get from PRA?

I love collaborations and partnerships.  I see this as an opportunity to network with colleagues to develop new and innovative resources/services for people with disabilities in the community. And I hope to be a resource for other members.

Tracie Maille

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I have been a general member of PRA since 2011 and have served on the board since 2017.  Shortly after beginning my first term, I volunteered to become 2 nd VP of the PRA Board, which led me on the path to become President of PRA in 2019. I am seeking election for the position of General Board Member, for a second term, for several reasons.

I am a highly organized individual and have been able to contribute to PRA by leading the Outreach and Social Media committee, in addition to my service as 2 nd VP, 1 st VP, President, and Past President.  I have also been involved in the planning committees for PDI since becoming a member of the board and have also been a presenter at the Conference.  I strongly believe that I can continue my service on the Outreach and Social Media committee, and assist in additional areas, as needed, to help PRA continue its mission.  I bring a high level of energy to the organization and am able to share my passion and advocacy for persons with disabilities through my service in PRA.

Being a member of PRA enables me to work collaboratively with individuals in other agencies, non-profit organizations, and employers.  This is so very important to both my personal and professional growth because I can learn so much from my fellow board members.  I hope to be able to continue that growth through my service as a General Board Member.


Jeffrey E. Seabury, Sr.

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Will continue to bring experience on the Board, 30 + years of work in the field and commitment to the mission of the organization. Hope to help advance the PRA role in the Rehab community, assist in increasing membership and enhance to deliver of the programs during PDI.

It has been an honor to be associated with PRA and the Board. I thoroughly enjoy the professional and personal relationships and believe in the organizations goal. I believe that my continued involvement can add value to the work and advancement of the Rehabilitation profession in Pennsylvania. Thank you for your kind consideration of returning me to a seat on the board. Respectfully submitted. jes

Yvelisse Gonzalez

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My name is Yvelisse Gonzalez, and I have been with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation since 2000.  I have a vast history with this agency.  I was a counselor for 6 years, and I mostly worked with the Latino population of Berks County and I also worked with individuals with D&A diagnosis.  I became a supervisor in 2007 and I served the Specialty Unit 6 counselors for 8 years.  This unit consisted of the RCD Counselor, Spanish Speaking Counselor, D&A Counselor and MH counselors.  In 2015 I became the ADA for the Reading DO and I have been able to provide assistance to the DA.

What I bring to PRA is a multifaceted, open-minded individual who has a wide array of experience and life experiences that can help PRA and PA OVR grow as an agency.  I think it’s important to note that OVR is a great agency that changes lives.  But I would also like to add that as an agency we need to expand out services to include populations that normally do not seek our assistance.  Diversity is an important goal to seek.  Diversity should include access, and cultural awareness.  How do we achieve this, by assessing the population and determining what will be needed in order to reach those populations that normally have not accessed the services of our agency, let us become multicultural and grow so that every person with a disability is accessing services and is working.  Let us become the first OVR agency in America that has adjusted to the changes in population and has achieved diversity to its fullest.

What I hope to get from PRA is an opportunity to share my ideas and my experience as well as learn from other dedicated professionals that are also interested in making Pennsylvania OVR a leader in the Rehabilitation Counseling community.


Jessica Hanula

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I have been employed with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation since 2002 in numerous capacities and will bring a wealth of experience to PRA. I am a strong advocate for individuals with disabilities and feel my passion and dedication will be an asset to the association as I can share my knowledge and experiences with other professionals. 

What I hope to gain from PRA is more knowledge on how as a VR supervisor, I can be more effective in the recruitment and retention of qualified, competent, dedicated personnel for OVR.  I am also looking to gain more ideas on how to promote the development of best practices in the delivery of rehabilitation services within my unit. I like to collaborate with other professionals and would welcome other ideas related to rehabilitation services.  

I was originally hired as a BBVS Social Worker and then completed courses in order to become a Rehabilitation Counselor. I obtained my Certification in Rehabilitation Counseling. I have maintained my CRC since 2006. I was employed as a Rehabilitation Counselor for BVRS from 2006 until 2018. I held a transition caseload, was involved with Project SEARCH, and worked as a placement (now Business Services) counselor for several years. I also covered a general and an MH/IDD caseload during my tenure as a counselor. In 2018, I was hired as a Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor for BBVS in the Harrisburg District Office. I supervise three VR Counselors and two Vision Rehabilitation Therapists.