NRA Award Recipients'

Congrats to all the NRA Award Recipients'

Dr. Sylvia Walker Multicultural Award
Ted M. Daniels, Ph.D. (2011)
Tennyson J. Wright (2012)
Dr. Stacia Robertson (2013)
Cozetta D. Shannon, Ph.D., CRC (2014)
Dr. Pitt (2015)

E. B. Whitten Silver Medallion Award
Ted M. Daniels, Ph.D. (2011)

NRA Chapter of the Year Award
Rehabilitation Association of Mississippi (RAM) (2011)
Inland Empire Chapter (2011)
Wisconsin Rehabilitation Association (WRA) (2012)
Ohio Rehabilitation Association (ORA) (2013)
Missouri Rehabilitation Association (MRA) (2014)
Virginia Rehabilitation Association (VRA) (2015)
Organizational Award
St. Antohony’s Hospital (2012)
Hyatt Hotels and Resorts (2013)
Winnebago Industries Gary McCarthy, Production Supervisor (2014)
Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit (2014)
Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health (2015)

W. F. Faulkes Award
Sierra Group Inc., Janet D. Fiore, CEO (2012)
R. Eugene Oulvey (2013)
David H. Dean, Ph,.D. (2014)

Excellence in Media Award
West Suburban Chamber of Commerce & Industry Foundation
Employment Leadership Award Committee (2014)
Playhouse (2015)

Yvonne Johnson National Leadership Award
Patricia J. Murphy (2012)
Doris Illies (2013)
Steve Autrey (2014)
Diane DeGroot (2015)

NRA Editor’s Choice Award
Dr. Deidre O'Sullivan (2013)
Christopher Murray, Ph.D. (2014)
Marjorie Olney, Deborah Emory-Flores, Charles Compton, Reyna Zuniga, Mark Tucker,  Journal of Rehabilitation
It Takes a Village:  Influences on Former SSI/DI Beneficiaries Who Transition to Employment (2015)
Linda Barrington, Susanne Bruyere, and Margaret Waelder,  Rehabilitation Research, Policy, & Education,
Employer Practices in Improving Employment Outcomes for People with Disabilities:  A Transdisciplinary and Employer-Inclusive Research Approach (2015)

Belle Greve Memorial Award
Margaret M. Casteel, MS, LPC, CCTP (2014)
Tiffany Yi (2015)

Max T. Prince Meritorious Service Award
Ellen Sokolowski (2012)
Pamela Schleif (2014)
Terri Hylton (2015)